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Programs - Test for Problem Gambling

Test for Problem Gambling

Q1 Have you ever attempted to go back and gamble the next day, wishing to win the money you had ever lost the previous day?

Q2 Have you ever told people that you won money when as a matter of lost?

Q3 Have you ever felt that fact you have gambling problem yourself?

Q4 Have you ever gambled excessive amount of money and time over your budget?

Q5 Are there anyone who has criticized you for your gambling behaviour?

Q6 Have you ever felt guilty about gambling and its consequences?

Q7 Have you ever tried to quit gambling but unable to?

Q8 Have you ever tried to hide your gambling behaviour to your family members?

Q9 Have you ever had conflicts with your family or roommates due to gambling?

Q10 Have you ever been unable to pay back your debt due to gambling?

Q11 Have you ever been absent from work due to gambling?

Q12 Have you ever tried following in order to pay debt?

  • Family expenses?
  • Spouse?
  • Borrowing money from Banks and financial institutions?
  • Overdraft from Chequing account?
  • Loan-shark?
  • Transfer funds out?
  • Sell properties?
  • Writing bounced cheques?


Give yourself 1 point for every yes

Now, please add up the scores. If you have "0", congratulations, you do not have gambling problems. If you have 1 to 4 points that mean you have signs of gambling problem. "5" or over means you have lost control.


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