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Programs - Program for Problem Gamblers

If you notice one or more of the below signs in yourself or in somebody you know, you or the person may need help.

  • Do you use gambling as a way to escape problem or relieve unpleasant emotion?
  • Do you feel unable to stop playing regardless of winning or losing?
  • Are you betting more than you intended?
  • Have you neglected family or work responsibilities because of gambling?
  • Have you borrowed money from others in order to relieve a financial problem that arose due to gambling?
  • Do you feel restless or irritated when attempting to cut down or stop gambling?
  • Have you lost or jeopardized important relationship(s) due to gambling?

Chinese Family Services of Ontario offers counselling services for problem gamblers and their families

  • comprehensive assessment on the seriousness and the extent of the gambling behaviour and its effects
  • formulate individualized treatment plan
  • counselling for problem gamblers and their family members

Treatment plan includes:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Individual/family counselling
  • Casino Self-Exclusion Program
  • Social skills training
  • Problem-solving skills training
  • Stress management
  • Leisure education
  • Referral to professionals regarding financial, health and legal issues

Chinese Family Services of Ontario

Programs for Problem Gambler and their families

Whether you or your family has a gambling problem, we have designed a counselling therapy session for you and/your family. This is your first step in making a change.

Basic Requirement

** Perseverance **

During counseling sessions many of our clients are bound with worries. We wish that you are patient, and willing to work out the problem that you have discussed with our social worker during the session. Hopefully, share with us your experience in your next session.

** Dedication**

Nothing is impossible. If you are willing to face your own problems, there is no problem in the world that you can't solve.

If you need to change your lifestyle and behaviours, these take a lot of bravery and perseverance. However, you will feel worth it when you rebuild the relationship between you and your family again.

Remember! There will be a lot to gain when you are willing to take the first step!

Problem Gambling and Compulsive Gambling

Problem gambling is when a person's gambling behaviour affects his/her financial condition; family relationship, work performance, and mental physical health. If they are not treated early, this will become worse and worse until then he/she becomes compulsive gambling.

Many people believe that compulsive gambling is due to the person's greed and weakness. But many studies show that it is something that one cannot control, like people with depression & anxiety.

Nonetheless, many people do not know that compulsive gambling can be helped through counseling. The most important of all is when there is sign gambling problem; you must take it sinuously and try to get help. You can speak with a person you trust, or a professional social worker. Don't think that when you stop gambling, your problem is then solved. When you do not know the root of your problem, you may start to gamble again. The most important thing to do is to find out the course of your problem, to make changes. Your long term planning is the best solution.


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Program for Problem Gamblers




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