What Is An Addiction?

I need a drink because…

* …I can’t stand my parents.
* …my girl/boyfriend dumped me.
* …I get so nervous talking to people.
* …all my friends drink.
* …people will think I’m cool.
* …I think I’m gay and I can’t tell anyone.
* …I hate myself and I can’t stop drinking!

There are a lot of good reasons you could turn to drinking. Yes, drinking will solve all your problems. Your worries will disappear just because tonight you want to get completely hammered. Yeah, it’s that easy. NOT! Sorry, hate to break the news to you.

Listen up!

A recent survey found that almost 60 percent of Ontario students between grade 7 and 13 drank alcohol at least once in the previous year. Let’s face it, young people drink! That’s no surprise. However, the following are some real consequences of drinking alcohol that may come as a surprise!

Getting drunk can cause you to – act silly, say things you may regret, embarrass yourself and others, have unwanted sex (likely, unprotected sex), accidentally kill someone while driving, and/or get into trouble with your parents, the school, or the police.

Drinking large amounts will make you – puke your guts out, have nasty “hangovers”, and wicked headaches; and, over time, increase the risk of developing major health problems e.g., heart and liver diseases.

As an alcohol “dependent” person – you will likely not be able to handle school, go to university, hold down a job, or have a healthy functioning family in the future.

Want Help? Here’s How!

Young people are always saying that they can handle the responsibility. Well, here is your chance!

If you drink to get drunk, hear others constantly telling you that you drink too much, have blackouts, and/or experience intense cravings for alcohol, you may have an alcohol problem and need professional help.

If someone you care about has an alcohol problem, you should try not to be judgmental or accusing. Talk to him or her and really try to listen to their side of the story. Suggest to them that perhaps they need professional help.

CFSO’s professional counsellors and social workers will help you by listening, respecting your choices, and working through your problems together, whether they are alcohol or other related.

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