What Is An Addiction?

The Programme:

  • The purpose of the domestic violence intervention program is to help men to stop being violent, abusive and controlling towards their partners.
  • This is a 16 week programme for Chinese-speaking men who have been physically violent against their partners. The program will consist of both individual and group counselling.

In this programme, men will learn:

  • to develop a better understanding of domestic violence and its impact on the family and society at large;
  • to take increased responsibility for one’s own behaviour and to understand that being abusive is a matter of choice;
  • to learn that there are alternate ways of expressing anger other than using violence;
  • to develop and implement better anger and stress management skills;
  • to rebuild a better, safer and more harmonious relationship with their family members;
  • to share experience and receive support from other men who have similar problems

Did You Know?

Children who witness the abuse of their mothers tend to have serious behavioural problem (17 times more likely for boys and 10 times for girls)

How to participate?

Self-Referral: Any men over the age of 18, who think they have a problem with anger, violence and control over their partners are welcomed to participate.

Court-Mandated Referrals: Men who have been ordered by the legal system as a bail or probation condition can also participate in the program.

The Agency: Chinese Family Services of Ontario has been a service provider within the Chinese Canadian community for families inflicted with domestic violence.

FOR MORE INFORMATION to join the programme or make a referral, please contact: CHINESE FAMILY SERVICES OF ONTARIO
(416) 979-8299

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