What Is An Addiction?

I Do Drugs Because…

* …I want to escape for a while
* …It’s really no big deal
* …I just wanted to see what it was like
* …I’m bored
* …It’s what my friends do
* …I want to get back at them
* …I hate myself and I don’t know what else I can do!

Any of these sound familiar?

Sure, there may be an infinite number of reasons for you, or someone you care about, to start and continue to take drugs.

The question is — Has the original reason(s) been improved or resolved after having taken drugs?

In All Honesty…

You already know that taking drugs is bad for you. They are addictive, expensive, and illegal. You also know that you could die from overdosing or get infected with HIV through shared needles. To feed your addiction, you have to steal, lie, cheat, break the law, and/or sell your body. It consumes every aspect of your life. Truth?

Drugs affect your priorities. You put the satisfaction of your drug needs above all else. Your relationship with family members and friends has suffered. They no longer trust you and you feel isolated. Truth?

You would like to be free from drugs, but you do not know how. Quitting seems like an impossible thing to do because you are surrounded by temptations that will draw you back in. Truth?

You want to be listened to, treated with respect, and have people know that your drug problem is not all there is to you. You have a lot to say if only there was someone out there who is willing to listen. Truth?

Want Help? Here’s How!

Young people are always saying that they can handle the responsibility. Well, here is your chance!

Remember, it is your choice whether to take drugs or not. No one can force you to quit. It is up to you to make the initiative and seek the help. Family and friends are a great source of support. However, sometimes that may not be enough. You may need the professional help. If someone you care about has a drug problem, you should try not to be judgmental or accusing. Talk to him or her and really try to listen to their side of the story. Suggest to them that perhaps they need professional help.

CFSO’s professional counsellors and social workers will help you by listening, respecting your choices, and working through your problems together, whether they are drugs or other related.

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