What Is An Addiction?

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is any form of unwanted act of a sexual nature including rape or any other unwanted touching imposed by a person, including the spouse upon another.

Where Does Sexual Assault Take Place?

Many people have misconceptions that sexual assault happens only in “dangerous” places such as dark alleys or parking lots. The truth is, more than half of all sexual assaults happened in private homes and are committed by men who are acquaintances of the women.

How to Protect Yourself from Being Sexually Assulted?

1. Home Safety

  • Do not write your full name on mailboxes or phone books, this helps prevent targetting of female victims.
  • Install an anti-theft chain or device on main door, and make sure you know the visitor before opening the door.
  • When you arrive home late at night, be sure to have your keys ready in your hands, and do not try to find your keys at the door. This will minimize the chances of being attacked by strangers.
  • When you discover that someone has broken into your home, do not attempt to go inside. Call 911 immediately.

2. Outdoor Safety

  • Leave the area immediately if you are suspicious of the person you are with.
  • Avoid going on the bus alone at night. If you have to, try to sit close to the bus driver.
  • Call home to notify your family of the time you will be arriving home, and ask them to pick you up or have them turn on outdoor lights for you.
  • Have your keys in your hands, which also serves as a self defense tool, or bring a whistle along if necessary.

3. Safety in Social and Dating Scenarios

  • Be cautious and vigilant of any suspicious behaviour or people.
  • Date in public areas.
  • If you do not wish to have a closer relationship with others, tell them clearly, and don’t be shy.
  • Try not to drink, or take drugs. Drinking and taking drugs can make you lose control of yourself and, others can take advantage of you easily.
  • When you are going out with your boyfriend, be sure to bring extra cash, so that in case of having an argument with him, you can still have enough money to go home.
  • Even if your boyfriend pays for your bills, it does not mean you owe him any sexual relationship in return.
  • When you have an intimate relationship with your boyfriend, for example, kissing fondling, or touching, these do not mean that he has the right to go any further in the relationship with you. You always have the rights to make your choice and decision.

What Should You Do If You Have Been Sexually Assulted?

  • You may choose to tell someone you trust, such as a close friend or a relative.
  • You may seek help from professionals, such as a social worker or a counsellor.
  • You may also approach a rape crisis center or sexual assault center for assistance.

If you require a criminal investigation to be conducted, you must report to the police that you have been sexually assaulted. If you do not speak English, you can call 911 and stay on the line, there are Chinese operators to serve you.

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